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Our Story Starts here

Beard and butter is a family owned brand which came about when one of three bearded brothers got tired of having to purchase beard oils abroad every-time his beard needed grooming. Unknown to him his other two brothers felt the same way.

The three brothers then decided to come together and figure out a way to source for oil locally, this venture took a while to yield results as it was a gradual process of testing certain carrier and essential oils to discover the secret formula. Eventually this secret formula was found and today we are here!

The company takes pride in originality which drove us towards more organic skin care formulas like the infusion of black soap which is good for hair and skin. Black soap is especially known for curing acne and for dry oily skin, but it is also rich in vitamins that help restore skin cells thereby making your skin feel and look rich.

The brothers source majority of their ingredients locally with hopes that they can also contribute to local industries and markets. The name beard and butter came about due to the fact that most of our products have shea butter extracts which blend perfectly well with facial hair.

Beard and butter is a Nigerian male grooming brand that desires to treat the modern man to some fine organic skin care. Our desire is to create products that are effective for solving skin and facial hair challenges faced by many African men. Our products are carefully selected and tested in our labs before they are released in the market for consumption in order to get that fine and unique essence which our customers applaud us for. We want to ensure that you get value for your money while also enjoying organic luxury.

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